Chris Avore

I'm an experienced design manager who leads teams, coaches design leaders, and helps executives understand the value of design.

I've championed design, research, and content strategy to improve the services people use every day in organizations of all sizes and industries around the globe.

After leading design at Nasdaq and coaching the design teams of some of the best global brands while at InVision, I'm now managing designers at Facebook.

Liftoff! Practical Design Leadership to Elevate Your Team, Your Organization, and You

by Chris Avore and Russ Unger

Liftoff! is your guide to leveling up as a design manager and leader. Its experience-driven approach—written by designers for designers—will help you hire and scale teams, develop careers, learn why diversity matters to your business, and solidify design’s role in your organization. Liftoff! will elevate your skills to lead your team and company to new heights.

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Sneak Peek A Glimpse Inside Liftoff!

"...Chris Avore and Russ Unger have distilled their collective decades of management experience into this book. It’s a collection of great advice and practical tools for everything from recruiting and coaching to influencing—(and even learning how and when to say no).

New managers will find it offers a starting point from which to build their own management practice. Experienced managers can use it to fine-tune whatever isn’t working today...

Kim Goodwin, design and product executive;
Author, Designing for the Digital Age

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Surprise! You’re in Charge of People Now
Chapter 2: Designing Diversity and Inclusion in Your Teams
Chapter 3: Designing Your Hiring Process
Chapter 4: Performance Profiles and Interview Guides
Chapter 5: Screening Designers
Chapter 6: Interviewing Potential Team Members
Chapter 7: Offers, Negotiations, and Onboarding
Chapter 8: Unifying the Team Culture with Charters
Chapter 9: Designing the One-on-Ones
Chapter 10: Leading Continuous Critique
Chapter 11: Presenting Work
Chapter 12: Saying No
Chapter 13: Developing Designers
Chapter 14: Scaling Design
Chapter 15: Designing Influence
Chapter 16: Escape Velocity


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